Social Media Marketing To Increase Sales

Most business owners understand that they need to be using social media as a marketing vehicle to grow their business. But the majority of businesses have not figured out how to turn social media marketing into an increase in sales. It may be great to have a nice business Facebook page and you may even post many valuable articles, pictures and answer important questions from followers but, the time invested in maintaining a quality page does not equate to a valuable return on investment. In fact, most Facebook pages have a following of a few friends, family members and employees with very few targeted clients. There are almost no new client acquisitions, an increase in sales or a rise in chatter about your products or services. How does a businesses turn a large number of equestrian social media users into paying clients?

At Equine Marketing Success™ we build social media campaigns designed to grow your business.

  • Social Media Site Creation
  • Building targeted Followers/Fans
  • Plans to direct users from Facebook to more valuable offsite page content
  • Converting Social Media users into clients
  • Multiplying impact of social media by spreading content to other marketing channels across the web
  • Simplifying content creation for all social media portals


There is far more involved in creating a successful social media campaign than just building a good looking page. It involves creating target followers that can help spread your message, building valuable discussions, spreading content across the web on hundreds of channels, and becoming the authority in your niche. At Equine Marketing Success™ we have the tools to connect you with a large number of social media users in the equine market to grow your business.