Equestrian Online Marketing

March 20, 2017 Marketing 0

The Internet is for Equestrians, Too

Horse MarketingIt seems strange to think of the internet in relation to horses. The beauty of being an equestrian is that you spend your time outside, away from the many distractions of modern-day life. However, it is impossible to refute that in this day and age, the internet has become a steady presence in most people’s lives – even those who love frolicking in fields with their equine companions. Recent data suggests that 65% of Americans use social media, from Twitter to Instagram, and that is only one of the ways people spend time online.

The Way of the Future

Hoirse marketing and advertisingThe world of horses and those who love them is steeped in tradition, and because of this tends to be resistant to change. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, there are some changes that simply cannot be ignored by any good businessperson. The internet has become an overriding marketing force – people use it for everything from playing games to reuniting with old friends, and, as Amazon has shown, shopping. Equestrians are no different, and horse-related businesses would be wise to engage in this new and ever-expanding marketplace. Internet usage is only going to continue increasing as more people gain easy access to it, and as its usability continues to improve.

Save Money While Extending Reach

Marketing to horse professionalsOne of the most beneficial aspects of online marketing is how cheaply it can be done to reach an equestrian market. Setting up a Facebook page for your boarding stable or tack shop is completely free, and gives you access to the 1.65 billion people who actively use that particular social media. The only cost is the time it takes to post, but the impact it has is priceless. Setting up a professional website will cost more, for web hosting and for hiring an expert to design it for you, but again the benefits far outweigh the cost. Many people will view a business that does not have a website, or a poorly designed or out of date website, as being unprofessional. It is important for most people these days to be able to view a business online before choosing to go there in person.

Mobility is Key

It is rare to meet a person who does not have a cell phone or some type of mobile device. Now, phones are not just for making calls. They are often used just like computers, only more portable. By developing an online presence for your horse-related business, you allow people to discover it no matter where they are. At a rodeo, riding down a trail, or crossing the country with horses in tow, people will be able to find your business. However, it takes more than just setting up a website to make this possible. The website must be set up to be mobile-friendly. This is why hiring someone to help you develop the website is important, unless you already happen to be an expert yourself.

Follow the Consumer

Reaching the equine marketplaceThere are some things that just need to be purchased in person, whether it is a saddle that fits perfectly or the horse that the saddle is for. However, most horse products can be easily bought online. More and more people are choosing the convenience of online purchases that can be shipped directly to their door. Lives are filled with work, relationships, and of course riding. People are trying to save time as much as they can, and buying that new grooming kit with the click of a button is as quick as it gets. In fact, a physical store front is entirely unnecessary to set up a business, which saves the business-owner, and by extension the consumer, a great deal of money.

There are so many ways to improve your business through use of the internet for marketing, from increasing your reach to changing your business plan altogether. It is so simple to do, what’s stopping you? There are many equine businesses already online, and the best way to decide how to use the internet yourself is to check out what is working for others. All it takes is a quick google search to be well on your way to accessing the online marketplace.